Note: The following link is to a page where you're allowed to upload images for filter processing in graphical imagery.
To upload files, only jpg and bmp are currently accepted and the results generate to the brows able web directory here.
This linked page requires (Internet Explorer) ActiveX controls to upload images, or you may point your favorite FTP:

Preliminary filters are negative, mid-tones, topographic and blood. Negative is the polar opposite color value generated,
it often can illuminate semi similar to obtuse similar tones that hide together and bring out visually hidden contours.

These filters are "preliminary" in translation of color to a intermediate result of a translucentcy (not alphablending).

Mid-tones is a soft palette applied with in the topmost value spectrum of color and the actual images spectrum also the
negative, using the three a semi spectral high is dropped abroad the zero to aggregate a offset producing soft m colors.

Topographic is a reference to the mid-tones being imprinted into the plateau excluding of which creates a visual extreme
between portions of images that can define interest, such as that of loss of spackle is often indicative of compression
of color or digital exits where as the coloring has a similar to compressive visual in actual failing to define infinite.

Blood is a plateau imprint of the topographic and mid-tones that occurs between portions of a human and/or plant life with
distance of any level ocean view where at all definitions exists always, and it often illuminates where a human would be
burned should they continue to remain where the image and the light is in the picture as if predicted their sun burning.